Twitter Analytics

Go beyond descriptive statistics of tweets and re-tweets and visualize your twitter network. We provide advanced analytical analysis so that you can know what is being tweeted about you, your products, your competitors and their products. You can use this information to mine for the right meme and target your message to the right influencers, critics and evangelists so you can get the greatest impact.

Web Market Analytics

Ever wonder what is being said about you, your products, your competition and you competition's products? Well, now you can and get an analytical analysis of not only what is being posted on the Internet, but also how you stack-up against your competition in the mind of a web community.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is great only if you can discern actionable information from it. We can help you organize, structure and analyze your data so it starts to make sense to you. We can provide you with the analysis you need so that you can get valuable and actionable information from the unstructured morass of data that is taking up space on your servers.